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Business Mobiles
Business Mobiles
Samsung Mobile



From Apple to Android to Windows we can find the right device and application to suit your needs.


And being completely independent with access to all the major UK networks enables us to meet any requirement.


We recognise that each customer requirement is unique; whether this be reducing costs, increasing productivity or securing your data, through our consultative approach we can tailor a solution which truly achieves your goals.

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Hub is experienced in providing high quality and reliable Fixed Line solutions for all business communications. We ensure that our tariffs benefit any business whilst ensuring a superior standard of communication. 

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Avaya Telephones Sytems

  • Hub consolidates all telecoms services on a single invoice to make your life easier

  • Call rates are bespoke and based on real usage

  • We offer a wide range of non-geographical numbers including, ‘0800’, ‘0844’, ‘0871’, ‘0845’ or 0330 plus a number of intelligent routing solutions that can sit behind them

Business Broadband


Hub understands that many businesses are now operating with an increasingly mobile workforce and coping with increasingly high bandwidth applications to accommodate this. However the connectivity can struggle to keep up. 

Business Grade connectivity has become vital for both IT leaders and overall business growth. 

Solving the connectivity conundrum and making the move to hosted solutions really can contribute to the commercial success of the wider organisation. 


Hub can give you all the advice you need to enable your business to work in new ways, reduce costs and help you meet your multi-site and remote working business goals. 

Contact us to find out more.

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